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Brian: For someone who’s never seen a western on principle you have an awfully keen interest in firearms? Where’d you get it?
Justin: Cody gave it to me.
Brian: How thoughtful. What’s next? Small nuclear device?
Justin: It’s necessary that we have them, after what happened the other night, we could have been killed.
Brian: Play with this long enough and you will be.
Justin: Will you just….
Brian: You’re not running around the streets with a concealed weapon.
Justin: I told you….
Brian: It’s necessary so that you and Cody can be the Gay Avengers, heroes of the resistance, martyrs to the cause.
Justin: We’re trying to stop violence before it happens.
Brian: Ha ha by starting it?
Justin: You wouldn’t think it was so funny if you were the one who’d been bashed?
Brian: Nobody said it was funny.
Justin: They hate us! They want us dead! (Episode: 405)
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